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HashPipeK Jun 6, 2002 01:54 PM
6100/ G3 as media centre
OK we've got a 6100/G3 240 here and the pc head roommate im living with said show us what the mac can do. turn this into our answering machine, get it to play mp3's from all the ocmputer on the network, and get it to play our movies. Well ive got the mp3's down. should have the voice mail thing down when i trade for a voice modem. but alas whata bout the movies. got it running os 9.1 right now. what format movies can/will run best on this....they want VCD and SVCD but so far no luck getting either one working. Also any other ideas on software i should throw on here please let me know. once i get it set up we are going to pull the monitor and just have it go to the TV out from the AV card and VNC in to control it. if i can get that working though, the VNC server for mac likes to crash alot. but that could be cuz of the dual monitors right now so we'll have to see. if not might have to bite the bullet and grab timbuktu. anyways ideas for software or movie formats let me know your ideas.
ddiokno Jun 9, 2002 01:42 PM
You might want to check out the following...
<a href="" target="_blank">VCD</a> is a great VCDplayer that uses quicktime
<a href="" target="_blank">MacVCD</a> is a standalone player
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