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dwishbone Jun 21, 2002 02:11 PM
G4 and ATA upgrade for 8600
I was going to get a G3 266 and sup it up (see lower threads), but that deal fell through. I picked up an old 8600 off e-Bay (79 bucks...woohoo) and I want to upgrade it to a G4.
Is Sonnet, Powerlogix, or XLR8 the best way to go?
I have seen that PL's can be overclocked (is it easy to do this)pretty well so that is a big plus. Are they as easy as the Sonnet? I here Sonnet's perform well and are much easier to install and configure...especially with MacOS X.
What about XLR8? They have the cheapest upgrades for the 8600? Are they worth it?

Also, I would like to get an IDE/ATA controller for it. IDE drives are so much cheaper than SCSI. Which ATA controllers does anyone recommend?

Oooohh. I can't wait to have this baby suped up and going. Jun 21, 2002 09:08 PM
Don't know about processor, but I can help with ATA:

Get a Sonnet Tempo Card (ATA/66) it's under a hundred and pretty good. Since any drive you get can't really take advantage of ATA/100, you might as well get an ATA/66 card and save the cash.

A Seagate Barracuda Drive to go with that, and you get some pretty zippy drive performance, and a good price.
Scotttheking Jun 21, 2002 09:53 PM
Off to older systems forum, since this system is older :) , and the questions are of more interest in there.
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