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PowerBub Jun 24, 2002 10:53 AM
cannot read one hard drive and the other is locked...
okay, mac 7100 with two hard drives. we'll call them I and E (internal and external). I has major problems and i would like to do a low-level format to it. However, I used some lacie stuff to format it and apparently it put some kind of lacie driver on it (?) it is the 7100 factory quantum drive. how can i put the original hard drive driver back on? i think this is my only hope for the system to recognize it.

ok, and on to hard drive E. this one is probably fine, and i would just like to initialize it. however, whenever i start up with a boot disk, it locks this hard drive and gives a message saying that the system is afraid it might corrupt it or something to that effect. needless to say, i can't initialize a locked hard drive.

any advice?
macsmoke Jun 27, 2002 12:46 AM
Did you try using Drive Setup to initialize the internal? (don't have it?...go to and type drive setup in the search field)

the external....maybe it will initialize fine through drive setup when the internal is taken care of.....
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