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Zoom Jul 4, 2002 05:29 PM
HELP! Need quick help with clone
My mom just got a new eMac and I've got to revamp a PowerBase 200 clone for another relative who's signed up for the hand-me-down. I'm turning this PowerBase over to my uncle tomorrow night, so I need answers ASAP.

I'm trying to transfer some software, but I can't get the either of the two CD drives (one stock, one added Yamaha CDR) to read a 650MB CDR! There are lots of thing I want to give him on CDR, but not if it won't recognize them.

Here's an <a href=";f=19;t=000999#000000" target="_blank">old article</a> I wrote on this topic. I never got a full answer to my questions there.

Now here's some new data. I'm burning CDs using the eMac's DiskBurner utility. I've tried "MP3" format (straight ISO9600?) and the default "HFS+/ISO9600" format - neither are recognizable by either of the two drives. The Phillips drive tries and then does nothing (solid yellow light), the Yamaha asks me if I want to format the disk after much thought.

Again, I have CDROM Toolkit 3, Toast CD Reader (I've tried v4 and v5), and Apple's 8.6 CD driver. See the other post for details.

I can install Toast 5 Ti on the eMac if that will help. I was hoping to not have to do that as all of what my mom will need is covered by DiskBurner and I've heard there are conflicts. But maybe 5Ti has a standard HFS format option that DB doesn't?
chris v Jul 4, 2002 06:43 PM
The stock CD rom that shipped with my Power Center 150 would never read burned CD's. It was rumored to be "just too old."

Maybe the Yamaha drivers won't work with an "old" OS like 8.6? Try Yamaha tech support?

Or, can you connect the two machines via ethernet? You could just run out to comp usa and get yourself an ethernet cross cable. You'd probably have to boot the eMac in OS 9 to be able to network them, but that should work.

Zoom Jul 4, 2002 09:32 PM
I actually tried that (Ethernet crossover) originally, but one of the computers locked up on me. And regardless, I just want to be able to give him stuff on CDR. After tomorrow, I won't be able to network them.
gto47 Jul 5, 2002 12:15 AM
First off, what operating system is the power base running? The assumption that the stock drive is "just too old" doesn't sound too accurate to me. I have a power mac 6100 with a 2x (300i) cd rom. This drive ran cd-r disks fine, slowly, yes but they worked, and it is clearly more dated than the unit included with the power base. It was consistently unable to read CDRW disks. Not to discredit a fellow poster's opinion, but i'm not sure we can rule that out as a possibility. I've never actually seen a cd rom that was unable to read cd-rs. When you burn it in toast, make sure you use ISO9600, and are using CD-R disks, and not CD-RW, and that you select "write disc", and not "write session", to rule out any odd possibilities. I cant even imagine why the Yamaha drive wouldn't work... Again, i don't know what operating system you're running, so that might be it too.
Zoom Jul 5, 2002 11:47 AM
Running OS 8.6. There are more details in the other post (see link above). In Toast 5 Ti, I burned a Mac/PC hybrid CD. In DiskBurner, I tried "MP3 disk" format and "HFS+/ISO9600". Neither worked.

I think there might be a conflict with the drivers, but I can't find one driver that works with both drives.

Is there a place to d/l old versions of CDROM Toolkit?
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