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dwishbone Jul 8, 2002 12:43 PM
IDE hard drive in Powerbase 200/SCSI CD problem
I am trying to add a IDE hard drive to my Powerbase 200. It has onboard SCSI and IDE. I have a problem though. The hard drive I have is a 39-Pin (Quantum Fireball 6GB....out of an old B&W G3) and the IDE connector on the MoBo is a 40-pin. I figured a 40 Pin ribbon would work...but guess I was wrong. Anytime I try and plug up the drive the video won't I know it is a problem with the hard drive. I have experimented with jumper settings, but I don't think that is the problem. I ahve tried jumpering it to solo and single luck. Is there any way I can use this drive in the PB200 without buying a IDE controller card?

The PB200 also has a built in SCSI CD-ROM. I took out the 2GB SCSI and put it in my PM 8600 (which runs like a champ). I can not get the PB200 to boot from the CD. I know it is a jumper problem, but I can't figure out the Jumper settings for it to be the only (master) SCSI device. It worked fine with the SCSI hard drive in place. It is a NEC drive, but they don't support OEM drives. Can anyone be of help?

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