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dwishbone Jul 9, 2002 01:38 PM
X updates on an unsupported Mac?
In the not to distant future I plan to install MacOS X on an unsupported Mac (8600) which I will be upgrading to a G3 or G4. I will probably use XPostFacto to do this.
My main concern is how do the updates work? I figure the normal updates will download through software update as normal, but what about this situation.
My X disk is an original MacOS X (10.0) disk. I have the 10.1 disk as well. Will I be able to run the 10.1 update on the 10.0 install? If I remember correctly you have to boot off the 10.1 CD to run the update. It has been awhile since I did I don't remember exactly. Will I have to use Xpostfacto to boot off of the upgrade disk? Can I just install 10.1 and skip the 10 install all together? Any info on this process would be most appreciated.
Taipan Jul 9, 2002 02:56 PM
You must use XPostFacto to boot from the 10.1 CD. The installer checks whether you have 10.0 installed, if you do you can choose to update or perform a fresh install (which is much quicker). It's possible to make a copy of the 10.1 CD that allows installing without an existing 10.0 installation, you have to create an image of the CD and then delete a certain file (I don`t remember the exact location and name, it was something like "checkforx", I found the info about it somewhere on the net). And while you're at it, you might also use XPostFacto to modify the image so you can boot from the burned CD without using XPostFacto.
Taipan Jul 9, 2002 03:08 PM
Sorry for the double post.
I looked it up again: You`d have to to view the contents of "Essentials.pkg" in System/Installation/Packages on the image and delete the file "CheckforOSX".
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