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xmishx Jul 18, 2002 05:55 PM
6500 Capacity
All out there who have a machine like the 6500 or below... 225 MHz with 128 meg maximum for ram running OS 9.1? Just wondering how your machines are running? At the moment, these machines are running 8.6. They will be doing light duty Photoshop, and Pagemaker (maybe Quark) functions at the same time. I don't have a referance point as to how the machines will run as they have not been updated to the max 128 megs of ram, but will be in the near future. I guess I want to go 9.1 with these machines because of the thread about usb cards, which will be a necessity for compact flash card reader and usb zip drives.


tony.eastwood Jul 19, 2002 03:00 PM
If you upgrade to 9.1 then you should expect to allocate 30mb to the OS.
I have 9.1 installed on a few 7200's and they run okay... allowing for the fact they are only 75mHz... but we don't make them dance. We use Appleworks and some school data-base functions.

If the Photoshop work is light and you are not attempting to use a version newer than 5.5 then I suppose it is okay. You will have 90mb to share between PS and quark/pagemaker. Do you think that will be enough for what you intend to do? PS is greedy for RAM and Quark will benefit greatly from more than the minimum allocation.

Hope this is some help.


xmishx Jul 19, 2002 06:51 PM
Thanks Tony,

Looks like the 6500's will stay at 8.6. A friend found a usb card that works fine with 8.6 at Fry's and it is only $13. Usb and 8.6 compatability was my main concern. I will need to stretch that 128 max ram as far as I can.

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