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Richard Clark Jul 9, 2001 02:09 PM
Performa 6400 - Modem Problems
This a for a friend of a friend. :p So this will be vague. This friend of a friend has a Performa 6400 with a built in modem. They are upgrading to OS 9.1 and not able to get the modem working.

When they check Apple System Profiler it shows the modem as a geo port but states that it's N/A.

The friend of the friend who has the Performa (am I confusing you?) asked if he had checked the Chooser to see if it was available. That was going to be checked.

I mentioned that the setting in the Modem Control Panel could be wrong and to have that checked.

If the modem isn't responding then maybe Zap the PRAM to reset the modem????

Has anyone run into this problem. LIke I said I'm getting this third hand and very vague. Any tips, tricks or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Stogieman Jul 9, 2001 10:21 PM
I ran into the same problem with my uncle's girlfriend's mother's 6400. (Ha ha... how confusing is that?) Anyways, the built in Geo Port modem in the 6400 is the biggest piece of sh*t. I spent way too many days trying to get AOL or Remote Access to recongize the modem. It came to a point where I just gave her my old external 56k Diamond Multimedia. Now her computer runs flawlessly. The best thing is.... the external modem won't suck up the cpu resources like the Geo Port did.

So have your friend of a friend pick up and external 56k modem on ebay. That's what I suggest.

Or they could visit this very informative website on the 6400. It may have an answer on how to fix the problem.
WillyB Jul 9, 2001 10:54 PM
This might help...
Have them open the System Folder and delete the file called MacTCP DNR.
This file gets re-newed again when using TCP/IP,or Remote Access. Maybe some old corruption in that file may be buggering up the little beastie.
waffffffle Jul 10, 2001 12:29 AM
I have a 6400, but I haven't used the modem in over a year so I have no idea about 9.1, but when I upgraded to OS 8 from 7.5 I was unable to get the modem to work. The reason was that the modem drivers for my geoport were not part of the OS 8 installation but were included in a seperate folder on the OS 8 CD. After I installed those, and then selected the proper modem in the Modem control panel, all was good. . .

Hope that helps.
jeromep Jul 19, 2001 03:39 AM
It is highly likley that the drivers for the internal Geoport are located in a folder burried somplace on the OS 9 install. THe internal modem is trash and frankly I would suggest that they get an external that will work much better and faster, as the internal modem caps out at 33.6 with all the updates, patches and other garbage you have to do with it.

I preffer Global Village 56k modems, but anything 56k will do. Be sure to have these people take out the GeoPort modem so that the external serial port will operate, they will also need to remove the plastic plug from the modem port once the internal modem has been removed.
Cipher13 Jul 19, 2001 09:38 AM
You need to find the Apple Telecom disc that came with the computer and install it :)
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