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ValVashon Jul 14, 2001 04:49 PM
Newer 117 upgrade and PB 500 Open Transport Problem
I just purchased a Newer Tech 117mhz upgrade card for my PowerBook 520c. I installed it, and it boots up fine, but there is a problem with the Open Transport system. When I booted it up, it said that a correct version of the modem was not installed, and when I try to access the TCP/IP panel, it says that Open Transport is not loaded. All three Open Transport Extensions are the 68K variety- "Open Transport AppleTalk 68K library", "Open Transport Internet 68 K Library" and "Open Transport 68 K Library" . I think these extensions are casuing the problem (becasue I no longer have a 68K processor) but where do I get 603e (?) versions? Was there software from Newer that I did not get? If you have installed a Newer upgrade to your PowerBook I would appreciate your help. By the way, I am running OS 7.5.5, no system disks available.

finboy Jul 14, 2001 04:59 PM
You should download system disk images from Apple, for 7.5.3 and the updates to 7.5.5 from that. Then you gotta reinstall the Open Transport part of the OS from system disks. You may be able to do a custom install from the 7.5.3, but I'll bet that you end up reinstalling altogether. Another option -- get an external CD and install from CD, using 7.6.1 or 8.1 disk images. You'll have to buy a 7.6.1 or 8.1 CD, though. You can search Apple's site for those extensions and try to replace them individually, but I'd bet that they aren't available outside of the OS install. If you could find a similar old machine running 7.5.5, you could copy and use extensions from that machine.

You may be able to fix this by reinstalling the internal modem software (or external, either). that might recognize the PPC upgrade and install the right OT components. That's what I'd try. Check the Boca Global Village site to see if there are any updates for your modem for those OS revisions.

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ValVashon Jul 16, 2001 11:25 AM
Thanks finboy- please stick with me here.

This is exactly what happens- when starting up, the ethernet extension symbol comes up with a small "x" in red (usually comes up with a big red "x" when I'm not connected to a network) and the two modem extension symbols come up with the big red "x". These things are new. I then get an alert after it finishes booting saying "The Power Port Software was not installed because this system is not running an appropriate Global Village Modem" and this is on top of another alert that says "The QuickTime VR extension was not installed" (I don't care about this one). If I try to select the TCP/IP control panel I get this message: "This control panel cannot be used because Open Transport is not loaded".

I tried installing all of the open transport type extensions that I could from my iMac 8.5 install CD by copying them to a floppy and installing them into the PB extension folder, but this did not help. The alerts are the same.

Back in November I upgraded the PB software to 7.5.5 from 7.1 I think (like I said, no system disks are available) using exactly the method you described- upgrading to 7.5.3 and then to 7.5.5 from the downloaded images. Should I go through that whole process again and will it work or will the PowerBook tell me that all these upgrades have already been done?

These files come down compressed and self expand- where could I do that to pick out the Open Transport files? Should I download them to the Jaz drive I have on the iMac or right to the PowerBook via a floppy?

Thank you again for all your help.

jeromep Jul 19, 2001 03:33 AM
A simple and probably inadaquate suggestion, but have you gone out and gotten the newest drivers for the Global Village Modem? That might help.

You might also try a full system reinstall. Keep in mind that the install you had was for a system that wasn't PowerPC, and now it is. That makes a big difference in how OT works.
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