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MacMonster Jul 15, 2001 03:32 PM
800K Floppy Problem ...
I would like to buy a Mac Plus at a auction site, but the problem is I do not have any 800K floppy disk in my home.

Is it possible to format a 1.4M floppy disk to a 800K floppy disk?
Patrick Jul 17, 2001 11:22 PM
Yup. As far as I know, you can just go ahead and use the disks. You'll have to reformat them to 800K, of course. The way disk drives differentiate between an 800K disk and a high density (1.4MB) disk is by looking for a hole in the upper left corner (opposite the write protection hole). The kind of drives that do this appeared in the late 80s early 90s, as I recall, so earlier Macintosh models would only see an 800K disk. But if you want to transfer files from the Mac Plus to a newer Mac, you'll need to cover up the hole with a piece of tape or something so it is seen as an 800K disk and not a high density one.

Also, I just found an article at that describes just what you want to do.
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