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AlphaQuam Jul 20, 2001 09:48 AM
upgrading a Performa 5200CD
I was wondering if there was any way for me to swap a different motherboard into my Performa 5200CD. I saw a 6200 mb and it looked very similar in size. Would something like this work, though? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'd like to get a mb that could run some version of Linux on it, because right now the 5200 can't.

Thanks :)
<takeiteasy> Jul 20, 2001 11:40 PM
You can upgrade from your 75 MHz mb to a max 120 Mhz mb which came on the 6320 performas. These boards are available on ebay. I recently got a 100MHz board brand new for $60 because my 6200 crapped out. They're easy to instal &lt; 5 min. As far as Linux I don't know. These boards have a max 72 MB of Ram. Although I've heard that they make 64 meg 72 pin SIMM's fthat make work. Good Luck
jeromep Jul 24, 2001 03:41 AM
I would suggest getting another 5xxx series motherboard. The 5xxx and 6xxx series have enough case differences that the motherboards aren't universal. As a general rule the motherboards for the 62xx and 63xx are interchangeable. Anything on the 5xxx is interchangeable and the 6400-6500 motherboards are all interchangeable. But don't go out and purchase a 6xxx motherboard unless you are absolutly sure about compatibility.
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