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GFitzy Mar 22, 2001 03:04 PM
8100 & CD-ROM
Need to replace a dead CD-ROM in an old 8100. How fast can I safely go without any tweaking of the OS?
I just want to plug and play
GLT Mar 22, 2001 08:41 PM
Any SCSI CD-ROM with a 50 pin connector will plug "n play.

There are other CD Players that will require connector adapters (and more) so be careful what you buy.

RPMs won't make a difference.

24X read isn't THAT much more noticible than 4X in reality.

SCSI is SCSI. Any SCSI device is backward compatible.

Just make sure when you install that the new CD isn't terminated, (the HD provides termination for the far end of the SCSI bus in a normal or stock configuration), and that the CD is set for a unique SCSI address (or identification #) . ID 3 is the usual address used for internal CDs.

Also make sure that the physical size of the CD fits the carrier that it mounts on . 99% of the CDs should fit, but there's always an oddball out there.
Allah Mar 24, 2001 11:09 PM
The reason that a 24x doesn't seem faster than a 4x is the CD. OS and software installers will always be optimized for the fastest, most common speed (4-8x). But games would take advantage of the faster spin. So any 50pin scsi will do but the Apple driver may not support it as a Apple CD-rom. So you'll have to use a old driver or look for a third party patch like I had to do.
GLT Mar 25, 2001 03:50 AM
Allah- You're right.
My post wasn't complete enough. Third party software like Intech's CD/DVD Speed Tools may well be necessary for non-Apple CDs.

My use of the term Plug 'n Play was misleading. I got sloppy.

Thanx for the catch.

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giantmike Mar 30, 2001 12:47 PM
Also, make sure that the drive has an Apple ROM on it, so that it can be used to boot the machine in case of an emergancy. You really don't want to be without a CD drive to boot from.

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