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Yuri1419 Jul 21, 2001 09:29 AM
ATA-SCSI converter thingy?
Not the ATA PCI card that acard OEM's for everyone, I already have that in my 7500. Great product, but I'm plagued with the stuttering audio issues, which I need to fix since I'd like to use my 7500 as an MP3 player and place it in my stereo rack once the new G4 arrives.

I'm pretty sure I once saw a very small converter that would plug into the back of the ATA drive and convert it to the internal SCSI. Slower, but wasn't plagued with the skipping problems.

Anyone else know what I'm talking about, and where to find it?

<Mad_Hatter> Jul 21, 2001 06:00 PM
I don't think that is possible. FireWire to SCSI. IDE to FireWire. Check out the Sonnet ATA/100 due in a month or two. Otherwise, how about a U2 Inito SCSI card and some external lvd drives? That'll work like a champ.
Yuri1419 Jul 22, 2001 11:11 AM
Yes it is possible- I found the adapter:

It's more of a sled + adapter than just a little adapter, but this was the thing I was trying to recall.
jeromep Jul 26, 2001 05:40 AM
I was at first quite skeptical about such a conversion. I know that the main difference between, say, a 40g IDE drive and a 40g SCSI drive was the logic board that is on the bottom of every disk drive, and that in the actual manufacturing of the drive the physical parts are all the same.

This is really a revelation. I'm glad to know about this and might just use this some time in the future to augment some of my older hardware that act in an AppleShare capacity.
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