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larix Jul 21, 2001 04:29 PM
Performa 5300 scsi-port damaged?
I still own a performa 5300. If I connect a scsi-external -Zip or scanner-, the computer doesn't even find the HD anymore. I have to reinstall the system. How can I detect the problem?

What happened: after connecting a scsi-device (Zip-drive), the computer didn't find the hard disc. Even after deconnecting the zip.
After installation of the system (8.1), the same faillure occured.

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jeromep Jul 24, 2001 03:38 AM
Your post hasn't received too many responsese because it is very confusing and doesn't provide nearly as much data as most of us need to give out good advice in these forums.

By the look of your post, I was wondering if you had a physically bad port, and it looked as if it was physically messed up. If that was the case, then a motherboard replacement is in order, but at this point I'm not sure.

A reinstall of your OS may at least diagnose what is wrong, but that seems like a long shot.

And what do you mean when you say the hard drive won't work anymore? Do you mean that once a new device is attached externally the internal drive doesn't work or do you mean that the external devices don't work?
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