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macsr4ever Jul 22, 2001 02:17 PM
How do I overclock a powerbase 180?
I have a powerbase 180mhz with the 603 processor, i was looking into oveclocking it but couldnt find any sites that would tell me how to, I would appreciate any links or info as to how I can overclock it.
jeromep Jul 24, 2001 03:32 AM
Do yourself a favor and don't even try overclocking a 603. They were never designed to do that. Most, if not all, 603 motherboards have the clock speed of the processor locked into the design of the motherboard. There are no jumpers or contact points where you can make a change.

Do try to find a G3 upgrade card that works in that unit rather than trying to make the 603 do what it was never supposed to do.
l008com Jul 26, 2001 01:12 AM
Good point, but what fun is that!!! Keep looking, and you might wanna practice soldering jsut in case!!
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