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tonton Mar 26, 2001 05:45 AM
PTP 200
What's the going rate for one of these?

I've been offered no more than $250 for the following:


Power Computing Power Tower Pro 200/16M/2.1G

Added Components:
Internal 3.5 Iomega Zip drive
Internal Sony 4x8 CD-R
Internal 4.2GB IBM Ultra-wide SCSI II HD
Internal 1.0 GB Quantum SCSI II HD
64MB RAM additional (2x32MB) total 80MB interlaced RAM in system
2 port USB card

Asking price (all inclusive): HK$450

FREE BONUS: Microtek Scanmaker II, Apple Quicktake 150 (Both work well).


I know I'm getting ripped off, but I need to sell this thing now. By the way, I'm in Hong Kong, so I've got to find some way to get rid of it here.

Anyone have any ideas? How much should I expect to get?
TheDoctor Mar 27, 2001 04:44 PM
Everymac says $500-$700 for the base model of that system. Your additional hardware should increase that total.
druber Mar 29, 2001 01:38 PM
I've seen standard-setup powercenters go for about $250, which makes sense. $500 for the base model seems too high to me, but with all the extras it sounds about right. No one's ripping you off unless they force you into a bad deal. If no one's willing to pay more and you have to get rid of it quickly, not much you can do.
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