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BTP Jul 30, 2001 09:59 PM
Getting OS X on a Power Tower Pro
After a lot of trying, I have been unable to get OS X to install on my PTP. I have used the latest version of Ryan Rempel's utility, Unsupported Utility X. I have emailed back and forth with him, probably to the point of annoying him.

What I have found it that I get a kernel panic when trying to boot with the CD or with Ryan's utility. Oddly enough, the panic is due to OS X not having a driver for my PTP, but there is one in OS X beta.

So I booted and installed OS X PB without a problem, after of course, setting the date back several months (the beta has expired). The beta runs fine, but I want 10.0.4 on there.

Do any of you have any suggestions that I can try? I thought that if I can get OS X PB installed, there must be some way to get OS X on there.

[edit: damn spelun erors]

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Indiecn Aug 4, 2001 08:10 PM
The only way I found to work was the manual way that Ryan Rempel came up with the very first time.

Here is whatI did:
1. I use Apple system restore to restore an OS X image to a HD partitioned by Apple disk setup (otherwise it won't restore) and let's call it OS X Installer HD
2. copy the "kernel extensions" to OS X installer HD
3. Modify System Disk so it will run on PTP
4. Run system Disk and choose to boot from OS X installer HD,
5. Turn Off system, cuda 30 sec, turn on, system should boot frm the OS X HD, and you're ready to install OS X.
6. As soon as you're done with OS X, and before doing any updates, install the L2CacheConfig.

1. PTP225, updated w/ Powerlogix 350/175 OCed to 450/225, 352MB ram
2. I tried other methods, but this is the only way it worked.
3. When ever you get a kernel panic, do a restart (r), and if it doesn't work the press the rest button in front next to the floppy drive.
4. Video card (IM TwinTurbo) is not supported, so the processor is taking over the job, which can really slow down things at time. But other than that Ext. devices are working fine, as long as they are turned on when starting up system.
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