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l008com Aug 1, 2001 07:53 PM
Orange PC
1) Anyone know a good place to get these at a resonable (cheap) price.
I can only find a single ONE on ebay, and its already at $100.

2) Can you use mulitple cards in one mac? So i could run Mac os doing one thing, one PC doing a second thing, and a second PC doing a third thing.
?? Is that possible?

3) Is there a "" type of site anywhere listing the different version of these cards and their speed etc?

4) Does anyone else make these type of things?
jarends Aug 2, 2001 08:32 PM
No one makes these anymore since PC hardware has gotten so cheap. I looked into them about a year and a half ago, and at the time the new ones were really expensive and not that fast compared to current PCs.

You'd be better off getting a used PC, or even building/buying a new one. If you don't want a monitor and keyboard, you can always get a KVM switch.

You won't be able to use more than one of the cards at a time.

You probably won't be able to run any current OSes very well. I doub't win2k would work so you'd be stuck with 95 or 98. (bleh)

Just buy a PC.
l008com Aug 2, 2001 08:45 PM
I don't want a PC,, i want the most Horsepower/buck you can fit an one case, so like, a 9500 with an upgradeable processor and like, picture if it was possible, six cheap used orange PC cards, on in each spot. The pc cards would be running BSD or linux probably, adn the mac would be running just OS 9, and all "7 comptuers" could all be doing Seti or at once, it would be one hell of a powerhouse. It was just a thought, but I guess not. has anyone TRIED to use two, somehow? If you say, resedit certain things into the mac software, can you install copies of the app and have each one use a different card maybe?
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