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iKevin Aug 2, 2001 10:41 AM
PowerMac 5500 AV
I just recently purchased an old 5500/250 that has all the video connectors and stuff on the back. If I were to upgrade this to OS 9.1 how would i get all this to work? Will 9.1 install all the extra software to run this or will i need to find some software somewhere that will enable it all to work?

finboy Aug 2, 2001 07:11 PM
By "all the connectors on the back" I assume that you mean the video-in and out and TV and S-video, down on the lower right of the back of the machine. Those will be covered with Apple Video Player, which is either in with 9.1 or available from the Apple web site (I think 1.7.2 is the latest version).

Now, if you have an Avid card (you lucky bastard) in the PCI slot, it should also have A/V out jacks and stuff. It will be in the horizontal PCI slot near the middle of the machine, if you have one (unlikely). That software, for editing and exporting video, is going to be harder to find updates for, but you can try Apple's web site. I think it shipped with Avid Cinema, but I'd bet that iMovie is compatible with it. That's a great thing to have if it's installed.

Also, check out the specials page at . They've got a remote control for your computer for $9.99 (brand new) which makes it just like a TV. It's the coolest thing. The MPEG card they're also closing out won't fit your machine, as it's a LC PDS card -- it goes in the 5200-6200 version machines and decodes (only) MPEG files in hardware. Yours is fast enough that Quicktime will decode MPEG just as well, with enough RAM.
Paul S Aug 2, 2001 08:42 PM
I also doubt you have the Avid card, but if so, iMovie will not work with it. iMovie works with FireWire only. You would need an external Analog to DV converter to get iMovie to work with any non-digital source.
Cipher13 Aug 4, 2001 05:38 AM
It'll work fine :)

I have 9.04 on my 5500/250 DE, and the TV card and everything work just fine :)

Even the remote control. Hehe.
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