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scaught Aug 4, 2001 03:53 PM
alright. i bought this macintosh SE at a garage sale a year ago..
its a little black and white thing. its got a 3.25 drive and a 40 meg HD.

i want to get it online just for the heck of it. its got AOL 2.5.1 on it and it has what im pretty sure is a modem, theres a beige box on top thats connected to it, its made by kensington, and theres a plug in the back that says "mod." so im pretty sure its a modem. when i try and sign on, i get an "america online was unable to initialize your modem" is there a way to check if the modem is bad or if i dont have something configured right? thats the only online program on the computer, so i cant try a different browser or anything.
scaught Aug 4, 2001 04:19 PM
oh. by the way, heres what it looks like.

its just so cute.
drewman Aug 4, 2001 04:27 PM
I believe that the Kensington device is a fan for the fanless SE. The Switch on the front of it turns the fan on and I believe it has another switch to turn on the computer.

If it has a phone connection, it may be for protection of a modem.
There is a modem serial port on the back of the SE. Is there anything plugged into it? If not, the computer is not going to see anything.


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scaught Aug 4, 2001 04:33 PM
oh... nope, theres nothing plugged into the modem port.. since that kensington thing had that thing that looked like a modem plug i thought it was a modem, but i guess im wrong. if i wanted to buy a modem for it off ebay, do you know what i should look for?
Paul S Aug 4, 2001 09:05 PM
If you were to buy an external modem, look for Global Village. They probably made the best modems for Macs. I'm not sure if their 56k modems will work with a Mac that old. That might be your biggest roadblock.
drewman Aug 4, 2001 11:29 PM
Almost any modem will work - all you need is a DIN8-DB25 modem (not printer) cable which are still available at CompUSA and others.

The serial port on the SE is limited to 56k, which doesn't sound limiting, but it is when modern modems can compress some data up to 4X, so that even a 26k connection can get data faster than it can put it in the serial port.

What I guess I am saying, is that a 28.8 or 33.6 modem will work fine and be very cheap. U.S. Robotics, Global Village, Hayes: these will all work fine.

jeromep Aug 5, 2001 12:59 AM
Frankly I don't recommend putting this thing online at all. Even with AOL. AOL in recent years has done a nice job of making older versions of their client not work with about 50% or more of their service. You have to be running AOL 3 in order to just be on the edge of their system.

In the long run, I think you will find putting this online, in any way shape or form to be very dissapointing.
scaught Aug 6, 2001 11:20 AM
thanks for the help guys.

is there some other browser i can get for it that would work better? i dont even know how i would find a service for it or if AOL is gonna work even if i do have a modem.

im not looking to put it online for any other reason than to see if i can. if i cant get a modem and a cable for like 20 bucks or something ill scrap the plan entirely.
Mediaman_12 Aug 8, 2001 11:51 AM
watcha' need is.
  • 1.Dirt Cheap external Modem, any will do. Use the Cable described in the above post and get a PC modem of e-bay.
  • 2. A plain old dial up internet connection. If you where in the uk I would recomend FreeServe, but any will do (use your current internat enabled machine to sign up) avoid any service that requires any sort of proprietary apps to be installed.
  • 3. Internat apps. For a SE I recomend Netscape 2 and an old version of Eudora
This little lot shoud see you on the net with this little gem.
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