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graphics84 Aug 7, 2001 03:56 PM
firewire bootable?
just thought about doing this but realized I've never heard of anyone else doing it before...

I have an old 7500 (upgraded to a G3 390)

Can I get a Firewire PCI card with internal firewire? Then run a internal drive with the IDE to Firwire adaptor (in my case).

I can get the external IDE to Firewire kits for $79 at\specif...n\CASE3IFW.htm

Can I take out the componets (minus the fan) and run the power from my 7500's internal power supply?

Why would anyone even try right?

Well it's an old machine but I want to use it for photoshop and take advantage of a 7200rpm 60gig Drive with out buying a crappy expensive interanl IDE/ATA card...

so your opinions....

would it over heat?
is the adaptor (fire to ide) to big?
would there be a speed diffrence?
why isn't there a interanl firewire bus option?

ok enough... comments
supersonic_frog Aug 9, 2001 02:42 PM
You won't be able to boot from a FireWire card, as your Mac does not have support for this interface in its ROM.
The best and fastest solution is to get an IDE card. The card will be recognized as a SCSI card by your system, thus allowing you to boot and also get the best performance (compared to the strange setup you are thinking of).
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