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Jeff75 Aug 8, 2001 04:10 PM
I lent my PB5300cs to my mom for 2 years...
and just got it back. I got her an iMac, so she doesn't need this one anymore. Apple replaced the logic board on it (free, by the way) and now I want to clean up the hard drive with Disk Warrior.

But I can't get the PB5300cs to startup from the external CD drive I have. I hold down the shift-opt-cmd-del keys like you're supposed to at startup and it just gives me the disk with a question mark, then after a while shuts down.

It expects to find a floppy but is supposed to also recognize a CD. I suppose the problem is because the extension that lets the PB read the CD drive isn't loaded at startup, so it CAN'T use the CD to startup from. A real chicken-and-egg thing.

I have a beige G3 with SCSI and a SCSI cable for the PB, so I suppose I could clean up the hard drive from the G3, but how do I get the PB to startup as a "slave" drive - without the OS running on that PB hard drive - so that I can really clean it up with Disk Warrior? (Easy to do with a FireWire iMac, but no such modern stuff on the PB!).. ;) :cool: :confused:
-Q- Aug 8, 2001 05:30 PM
Go here. It explains the steps in detail on how to connect the two...

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jeromep Aug 8, 2001 11:37 PM
The above suggestions is quite good. If you have the appropriate cables, etc. and connect up the PowerBook in SCSI disk mode, you can scan the disk for errors, but should you need to install a new OS you will have to do it with that external drive.

Unless you have used your Disk Warrior CD to start up this PowerBook in the past, it sounds more like the PowerBook doesn't like the system folder that is on the CD and then just defaults to asking for startup disks from the floppy drive.
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