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Seagull Feb 7, 2000 12:16 AM
MacBench 5 Results.
I have a Power Macintosh 5500 with a PowerPC 603ev processor at 225MHz. It has 50MHz system bus, no level 2 cache and running with virtual memory off.

When I run MacBench 5.0 on various Mac OS, the processor score I get is about 248 and the FPU is about 396.

What I find strange is that the results for the Power Macintosh 4400/200 are higher than for my Mac. The 4400 has a 200MHz PowerPC 603ev processor, 40MHz system bus and a 256K level 2 cache. The processor score for this Mac is 299 and FPU is 454.

My Mac is 25MHz faster than the 4400 and a 10MHz faster system bus, how could the results for the 4400 are so higher? Could the 256K level 2 cache make so much differences?

I am wondering if someone who have similar Macs, with or without a level 2 cache, G3 upgrade cards etc. could post your results here, it would interesting reading.

By the way, you can get MacBench 5.0 at

My homepage:
Misha Feb 8, 2000 01:12 PM
Level 2 cache makes a big difference... the MacBench scores for your machine compared to the 4400 seem petty accurate. The faster you go, the more the cache makes a difference. A 500 MHz G3 upgrade crawls when its 1 MB of backside cache is turned off.
zac4mac Feb 10, 2000 03:40 PM
too much trouble to do this at home so i am running macbench on my 7500 at work. it has a 604e/233 processor and 128MB bastard RAM(60&70ns EDO & FPM)will get results for CPU and FPU tests with no L2, 256k and 1024k.
zac4mac Feb 10, 2000 03:52 PM
OK, got the results
0k L2: CPU = 299 FPU = 737
256k : CPU = 369 FPU = 822
1024k: CPU = 500 FPU = 826

PM7500/233 604e
OS 8.5
system bus 46.6 MHz
MacBench 5.0
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