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bluefire 529 Feb 9, 2000 09:44 PM
Audio import
Here it goes...I have a PowerMac 7500/120 upgraded with a 200MHz 604e card and 152MB RAM running OS 9. I have just purchased a CD-RW (Yamaha 8x4x24). My band has just finished recording our demo tape and I need to know how to import our analog tape into my computer so I can burn it onto an audio CD for independant distribution.

Since this is a 7500 series, it has AV input jacks built-in. I have Adaptec Toast Deluxe (4.0) and I just got Jam, hoping this would allow me to do what I need. However, it seems this will only work for files that are already on the machine. I need to know what else is needed to import sound from the outside world. Any suggestions out ther? Cheap would be great!
Kocher Feb 10, 2000 08:27 AM
I think Toast 4 has a sub-program for doing this task exactly. I believe it is called SpinDoctor or something. Turn off Virtual Memory (It wont run with it on) and hook up a tape player directly to the mac through the built in RCA jacks. Open the program, press record, and press play on your tape player. Then, the files should be Toast-compatable.
bluefire 529 Feb 10, 2000 10:17 AM
Cool! Thanks! I also found another program late last night called Coaster. It is Freeware and looks like it will do just what I need. If not, I will give Spin Doctor a shot.
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