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tadd Feb 11, 2000 03:25 PM
maximum throughput with powertower180 and 100baseT
I bought a MacSense 551 100baseT card and put it into my PowerTower 180 (ppc604 processor). I also have some old ATI PCI graphics card that i think came with the power tower 180.
I told TCP/IP and Appletalk to use the new card and removed the Apple enet extention as per the instructions that came with the ethernet card. I'm plugged into a NetGear DS106 which identifies the pt180 as being at 100M rather than 10M as i was with the built in ethernet.
THe problems are;
1. the transfer rate to and from the pt180 from the iMacs isn't anywhere near as fast as iMac to iMac. The pt180 was to be my common mounted disk for all of the other computers so I'd prefer it to be fast. It seems to be

2. If I go to any two of the iMacs and copy big files (50MB each is what I tried) from the imac to the pt180, so two transfers are going at once, the pt180 eventually disappears from all of the Macs and no longer does any i/o via the 551 ethernet card until I reboot or shutdown and restart the pt180.

I went back from OS9 to OS8.6 and #2 seemed to go away but the transfer rate is still slow.

The computer has a 2GB SCSI disk and 48MB of RAM.. It also has a 2x Apple CDROM drive swapped from a Performa 6116.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can maximise the transfer to and from the pt180's shared hard disk? I don't need it to run any other applications although that would be a feature.

Tadd Torborg
Setic Feb 13, 2000 12:13 AM
Transfer is *really* slow from my iMac to my Preforma 6400/180, compared to my iBook to iMac.

If it copies files from say the desktop to an open folder just as slow as it transfers files over ethernet you could try:

Adding L2 cache if there is a slot
Upgrading/Overclocking your processor.
Adding a faster hard disk.

If it copies faster internally than over ethernet it's probably due to a slow PCI BUS, which you probably can't do much about.
Misha Feb 13, 2000 01:59 PM
I have the same problem with my PowerCenter 500 (G3 Upgrade) on my 100 Base-T network. I think it's a variety of factors that have to do with bus speed, HD speed, RAM speed, and more. All those things add up and slow network performance down. Unfortunately, there's no affordable fix to any of those problems; you just have to deal with it...
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