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DougMac Mar 1, 2000 10:49 PM
Duo 230 won't do much
Hey all, I was hoping someone could help me (warning: I have limited computer fix-it knowledge)

I have a Duo 230 which boots up fine and is running OS 7.0 or 7.1. I have a problem connecting it to anything - I have a Newer Ethernet MiniDock which seems to work but everytime I try to switch to an ethernet Network it gives me an error and swtich back to LocalTalk so I can't connect to anything.

Worse, I have a DuoDockII and when I plug it all together I get nothing. the fan in the dock turns on but I can't tell if the Duo has turned an, nothing on the screen, no sign of life other than the fan noise.

Wife wants to get rid of it, I at least want to fix it before I sell it... I have changed the PRAM battery (since it was easy), the monitor is tested on a PB540 and works, I took apart the Dock & 230 and cleaned all the dust out... any troubleshooting ideas?
drewman Mar 6, 2000 01:35 AM
You DuoDock has a common problem. If you listen closely after you turn it on and the fan is spinning you'll hear a slight ticking sound. It's the power supply trying to come up to full power, but can't because a capacitor has failed.

There are sites on the web that tell you which capacitor and how to take apart the power supply. Here is one:

If you can solder at all, it's really easy - just make sure to watch polarity.

DougMac Mar 12, 2000 09:12 PM
Thanks - as soon as my local Radio Shack gets in the right $0.30 capacitor, I'll give it a try since I have nothing to lose.

I can't really hear a continuous ticking, just one shortly after I turn it on. The Duo does turn on - I can hear the chime but that's about it. I'm starting to think the Duo is the problem but I'll see what the capicitor does...
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