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Kenneth Mar 12, 2000 04:33 AM
Major Upgrading on PowerMac6100

I know this PowerMac6100/60AV is an old machine, and I already have an iMac Rev.A, iBook too. These machines works great, I understand that the price of G3 upgrade card is getting cheaper than a year ago, so I would like to put a G3 card inside my good ol'6100.
My question is which maker (Newer Tech and Sonnet) is better? Is the 1024k L2 cache really worth it instead of the 512k? I also want to make sure that I have still use my Apple AV Card with this G3 upgrade. BTW, I want to replace a bigger hard drive, around 4Gig. What spec. do I need to look for?

Thank you

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wlonh Mar 12, 2000 08:50 AM
everyone in my family (except me, i have a G3 already) has used Sonnet's G3 upgrades in their Macs: 6360 (now 250MHz G3), 6500 (now 300MHz G3), 8600 (now 400MHz G3)

they work great, not the LEAST bit of trouble, absolutely perfect... and i had the pleasure of watching their faces light up after i put the upgrades in and rebooted their Macs... BIG grins elicited by speed gains!

the bigger L2 cache is desirable, get the 1M backside (L2) cache

your Apple AV card should not be a problem

HD: SCSI, whatever size you want

see for much info on upgrading your Mac

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