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l008com Mar 17, 2000 02:14 AM
Are the processor card in 7500's and 9500/9600 interchagable?
I have a 7500 with a dual 604e upgrade and lots of ram, i wanted to buy a cheap 95/9600 Tower and transplan most of the compenets into the 95/9600 and use what's left in teh 7500 as a small little web/ftp server, but the question is, will that work?

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vortex Mar 17, 2000 10:42 AM
I once tried to put the processor card from a 9500 into a 7500 logic board and it didn't work. The 7500 would not boot. I later found out that the 7500 had a bad logic board to begin with so I'm not sure if that was the problem or not. Let me know if you have better luck.
actionj Mar 17, 2000 11:33 AM
It should work. I've successfully moved processor cards back and forth from 8500's to 7500's and even PowerComputing PTP's (9500 motherboard) without any problems.
l008com Mar 17, 2000 01:19 PM
Does anyone know FOR SURE? I don't wanna waste my money if it's not going to work, ya know?

I hate Microsoft!
All hail Apple!
Steve Jobs knows best!
gobnay Mar 18, 2000 12:37 PM
I apologize for being weak on details, but I seem to remember reading about compatibility issues with this card in 7500/7600 machines and I swear I read it at the xlr8yourmac website. I went there and trolled around but found nothing. You might want to check there before buying.
Linda Mar 18, 2000 01:26 PM
Go over to, register, type in your question, and you'll receive a personalized reply and begin correspondence with a tech to get you through your questions.

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zac4mac Mar 19, 2000 02:01 AM
7500 swaps with 8500 and 9500 just fine...same vintage..problems come up with 8600/9600 at above 233 MHz. That's the Mach 5-604e, I believe, and it only works in 8600/9600...everything else is fair game, including G3 upgrades. If you make the swap, do yourself a favor and keep the 7500 for a host to troubleshoot hardware problems. I am finishing cleanup of a nasty crash on my 8500 that started with bad RAM....I was glad I had a 7500 to use as a testbed. ...just checked Apple Spec Database and the 86/9600's bus speed jumped to 100MHz for the 300 MHz and 350 MHz models, actually faster than a Beige G3 , so the 9600 200 and 233 will accept your parts. Also I think the 86/9600 case is easier to get into... I think that's when Apple started the flip down side
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