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Elshaw Jul 25, 2000 11:15 PM
Logic Board or HD problems?
My 6100 got completely unusable to other day. There's some major directory carnage going on- I've used Disk Warrior, Norton Utilities and TTP, all resulting in the same return of the problem- within an hour of use, pretty much. The HD has been zeroed and reinitialised 3 times, and i've done some virus checks with the latest definitions from Symantec too. I even tried a back-up drive and a different SCSI cable, and it too seems to be plagued with the same problems. Any ideas out there? It's gonna be expensive right :-)
reader50 Jul 26, 2000 03:35 AM
Have you run a virus check? That is the only thing coming to mind that would be cheap.
Evangellydonut Jul 26, 2000 12:03 PM
If you've zeroed all data, then there shouldn't be any residual virus problem...could very well be a problem with your SCSI controller or CPU...also, change the internal battery while you are at it...that is assuming you actually bother to fix it...
reader50 Jul 26, 2000 01:11 PM
Whoops. You had already run the virus check, didn't read your post closely enough.

Yes, things are not looking too good for the motherboard just now. You may finally have an excuse to get that dual processor G4.

And Evangellydonut, I was assuming any virus would have gone with the backup before the format, and would have been restored with the rest of the applications and data. If you have the 2nd disk space, the fastest backup is to just copy the entire drive, then copy back afterwards. That method is seeming less secure now. I may need to change my backup habits.
Evangellydonut Jul 26, 2000 01:19 PM
just something else to ponder about...the 7300 I used doesn't support OS8.6, and by that, I mean it REALLY didn't support it. You can update it fine, but nothing will work if you are lucky enough to boot. Took me some time to figure that one out, and I've had to zero data like 4 times while I was doing I guess use the OS that came with the 6100 and see if that might work.
Elshaw Jul 26, 2000 11:58 PM
I'd ordered a 7500 to replace the 6100 just before it died (I'm actually beginning to wonder if computers can sense their impending retirement).
Yes, that MP G4 would be nice reader50! Sadly the post-grad budget doesn't quite stretch that far--if only!

I'm hoping to rescue the 6100 if i can, but the cannibalising of parts has already begun. The HPV card has come out, L2 cache etc. I've tried different OS configurations: 8.1 and 7.6, but the same problems persist. That fact that it's afflicted both drives means it's a logic board problem of some kind, i guess..I considered it might be the battery, but i think there would be more problems at startup. It could be time for it to visit the local Mac store, when i recover from the 7500 purchase!
Thanks to both of you with the suggestions, it's very appreciated.
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