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fnevitt Jul 27, 2000 12:37 PM
Installing Ram on a 8500/150
Hi, I found some RAM in my closet. It's 32 MB, how wonderful I thought. One problem is that I do not know if it will work with my system. The documentation that came in the box says that it is a 32MB DIMM, sounds good so far, but I am not sure about the voltage, or if that even matters. On the board itself is written:
32 MB RAM, 50NS
What would happen if I just installed it into my PPC 8500/150 and it ended up not being the right kind? Any info about this would be great.
Evangellydonut Jul 27, 2000 05:48 PM
check the Apple RAM guide found here: rea/Apple_Software_Updates/English-North_American/Macintosh/Utilities/memguide.pdf

actually, the guide doesn't say much...if it isn't the right kind, chances are, you won't be able to boot or have massive instability as a result...but from the spec you've provided, it 'should' work fine...goodluck

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tonymac Jul 27, 2000 10:15 PM
Worst case scenario, incompatible RAM will cause your computer to crash at startup. No permanent damage; just pull the RAM and all's well.
RobertScott Jul 28, 2000 11:55 AM
The recommended DIMMs for PowerMac 8500 / 9500 series is 168-pin, 5 volt, 2k refresh, FPM (fast page mode). You can also use 5 volt EDO memory with no ill results.

Some EDO DIMMS were rated at 3.3 volt and used in the Performa Power Macs, ie 6400, 6300 etc. Using a DIMM rated for 3.3 in a 5 volt slot make cause it to get fried at the worst or crash the computer. I don't think that would cause any motherboard damage, but I don't have any formal electrical training either. If you can confirm it is a 5 volt DIMM I would use it.

By the way never use EDO DIMMS in a PowerMac 7200, 7300 (maybe 7500/7600 as well) or a clone (PowerCurve, PowerCenter / PC Pro) based on the same motherboard. That can cause motherboard damage according to an Apple TIL that I read.

You can give a it try or better yet sell it on eBay. 32 MB or + DIMMs for old PowerMacs are going for $1.50 - 3.00 per MB. List is in the general PC memory (not Apple specific). Chances are a PC geek will be able to decipher the codes on the DIMM. Then use the extra cash to buy a 65 MB DIMM that you know is compatible.

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fnevitt Jul 28, 2000 02:36 PM
Thanks to all that posted a reply. After hearing that the RAM wouldn't hurt the motherboard I went to put it in. That is where I ran into my first problem. The notches at the bottom of the RAM board did not line up right with the notches in the RAM slots, off by about 2 mm. So I did a little handy work and got them to fit in. First I just put in 1 RAM board, started the comp. up and all worked fine. So, then I put in the remaining three RAM boards and started the comp up, ran into problems. Seems like the Mac OS 9 extentions don't like the memory. My mac is pretty useless without at least the basic extensions on. So I shut down the computer and went to bed. It was late. I must be getting old, used to be that it didn't matter what time it was, I always was wide awake to work on my Mac. Who knew that at age 20 you would be dragging your feet into bed at 10:00pm.

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tonymac Jul 28, 2000 04:36 PM
DIMMS are "keyed" using those notches. If they don't fit, then they won't work. I tried the same "modification" a while back and although the Mac didn't crash, the RAM didn't show up in About this Mac...
fnevitt Jul 28, 2000 11:37 PM

Hello All- Well I was able to fix my Mac. I had to keep the origional factor RAM in the first slot, the A4 abd B4, and was able to put the remaining in the other slots, works like a charm (knock on wood) now. I have a total of 240 MB of RAM!! This computer has never felt so good!

Thanks again for everybodies help!

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