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Walter J. Ferstl Mar 24, 2000 03:08 PM
Maximum RAM in a 4400/160?

since I am in doubt how moch RAM one of my Macs, a 4400/160 MHz can utilize, let me put this question here.

Apple Specs say 96MB (32 MB in each slot),
NewerTech's GURU says 160 MB (32 MB in slot 1, 64 MB each in slots 2 and 3)

Also, what is the meaning of the statement at Apple Specs, reading:
"Uses JEDEC-standard 3.3-volt unbuffered EDO
DIMM devices. [clear so far, but this one:] DRAM slot 1 supports only
single-bank DIMMs". Does that mean DIMMS with chips just on one side?

So what is the maximum RAM anyone of you has put into a 4400/160 successfully?


Anthony the PC lover Mar 24, 2000 06:41 PM
Maximum RAM: 96 MB
RAM Slots: 3 (1, group of 2)

The first slot takes one 32 MB DIMM, maximum RAM may be 160 MB. Also, the RAM can not be interleaved to improve performance.
As for the DRAMM thingy, I only know that the RAM type is 60 ns 168-pin DIMM and the VRAM type is1 MB VRAM DIMM. Does that help? Thats the best i can do, considering I'm a PC man.
The Wolfe Mar 27, 2000 05:45 PM
Since the 4400 uses the Motorola Tanzania logic board, it shares the same memory as the Motorola clones of old. Motorola switched to a different type of memory for many of their machines, which used 3.3volt memory instead of 5volt memory like the Apple machines of the day. Be sure to use 3.3 volt memory!

-Eliott Wolfe
Winnetka, Calif
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