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dobru Jul 29, 2000 01:43 AM
Different refresh rates, Possible?
I bouhgt some ram for my friends 7200/120 and it is 4k.
Now when I installed it, at first start up the puter would crash, tried the stick by itself and the mach would hang for a while and then finish the startup process but then crash.
The comp already had 48 mb installed ( 32, 16), the minute I would add the new stick, problems.
The new mem with the 16 would work but extremely slow but if I tried to launch netscape or open a control panel I would get a bomb message saying: error type 10.
I also got a few address errors.
Sounds like bad as in incompatible ram to me but I would like to hear from people who know their stuff.
The question is: Can I mix 2k and 4k FPM DIMM's( 168pin, 5v, 60 ns)....?
drewman Jul 30, 2000 12:18 PM
Apple says you can mix refresh rates, but it is always better to have matching memory. Also, is this new DIMM using composite memory? Apple machines aren't compatible with composite memory.

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