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witulski Jul 29, 2000 11:24 AM
8500: Cold start = No. Reboot = Yes. WHY?
Got me a nice 8500 here. Like it a lot. Got it last year or so from that money-sucking auction site, you know, the big one. It's a real nice computer.

Problem is, everytime I power it up, lights come on, monitor comes on (it's plugged into the cool power-pass-thru), fans and drives whir, but no chime, no pointer, no easy-to-use operating system. I have to wait about 5 seconds and then restart, at which point the Mac says, "Booooonnnnng! Tika-tika-tika...gray screen...pointer...Welcome to Mac OS." (er, just like it's supposed to.)

WHY must I endure this? Mind you, it's a minor grievance on an otherwise great machine, but it just kinda irks me.
wlonh Jul 29, 2000 12:00 PM
what have you tried so far to fix the issue?
tonymac Jul 29, 2000 01:14 PM
I've had the same problem with a 9600. I tried all the usual fixes: pulling ram, PCI cards, Norton, TechTool, removing extra SCSI devices. Nothing worked. I never did find a solution other than Command-Control-Power Key everytime it was turned on.
witulski Jul 30, 2000 04:25 AM
So far I've tried resetting with the CUDA button, and replacing the battery.

This might be of interest w.r.t. the battery replacement: it's supposed to be a 1/2AA, i believe 3.6 volts. I went to CompUSA to get a replacement (standard compusa bullsh*t applies) and ended up getting one, although not in any sort of original packaging. Dude simply hands me a 1/2AA. "And this is *new*?" "Yeah. It's new". Okay. Five bucks, what the heck.

So I get home, put it in, and the situation doesn't improve. I tested both batteries old and new with a multimeter and they both read around 3.4V. Is it the missing 0.2V that's causing my problem? Or is that, as they say, a communist herring?

drewman Jul 30, 2000 11:45 AM
3.4V should work, but an unloaded battery that is new should read slightly above its rating.

Dalgo Jul 31, 2000 06:50 PM
The same thing happened to me intermitantly on a Performa 630. I'd hit the power key, hear the fans turn on and the power light comes on, but nothing else happens, no video signal. Nothing happened until I restarted. I had no problems other than that. However, the problem has since gone away. I have no idea what caused it.
MacOS761 Aug 1, 2000 10:30 AM
Someone else recently had a simlar problem on these boards, and we did here at work, too. The slight difference was that the first time around, the computer would freeze during the startup process, and then restarting after a minute would boot it up the whole way.

I don't know the details of exactly what the problem was, but it has to do with the hardware. Here at work, we were convinced the mobo was stressed because we had tons of heavy connectors in the back - especially the dual monitor splitter thing. If this is what's causing the problem you've got, there's no practical way I know of to fix it, besides getting a new mobo. Sorry.

here's that other thread i mentioned

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airman Aug 10, 2000 08:47 AM
obviously you probably have tried this but i will put my 2 cents in anyway.
did you leave the battery out for more than 15 min with power disconnected?
or even better restart withought the battery ... this forces the nvram to be reset to factory defaults.
While i was playing around with DP4 trying to get it to boot with my nexus i screwed up the nvram
only rebooting without the battery allowed me to boot of my cd to reinstall stuff
also make sure your proccesor card is all the way in that scared me one time.
MacOS761 Aug 10, 2000 04:57 PM
yeah, feel that pain. I never thought of starting up w/o the battery... that's a cool idea. Hopefully I won't have the opportunity to try it, but I probably will someday... gotta love technology.

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