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PatrickF Mar 29, 2000 09:01 AM
Is BeOS R5 for Mac finally out?
I checked all the Be servers to no avail. There is only a windows version.
FYI BeOSR5 was planned to work on PPC 603-604 with a PCI bus, as stated on the BeOS ready list:
"This list is current for the BeOS 5 for PowerPC, as of March 27, 2000. This list is not significantly changed from the prior BeOS Ready List for PowerPC. ". So it seems that BeOSR5 for Mac exists.

If you can't access the main page or the european page, here are the mirrors:

BeForever, NE
Rochester, NY
San Jose, CA


PS/ don't install BeOS if you have MacOS9: MacOS 9 causes BeOS to not boot.

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PatrickF Mar 29, 2000 11:17 AM
Update: It seems that only the Pro edition ($70) supports PPC, so no free BeOS for Mac...

Wednesday, Mar. 29, 2000
Be Inc. yesterday released BeOS 5 in a free Personal Edition for Intel hardware, plus a Pro Edition that supports PowerPC-based computers, sold (and priced) by distributors. Be also opened its BeOS desktop source code to the public.
(edit: new links)
Mac Central, March 29: BeOS Pro to run on Macs?

MacOS Rumors, March 29: BeOS R5/Intel on VirtualPC + screenshoot

(2nd edit)
MacWeek March 31: Analysis: BeOS on the Mac (+ forum).
MacNN forum: BeOS on VPC.
MacNN forum: Where is Be OS 5 for PPC??.
MacCentral Feb 14: No free BeOS for the Mac.

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Tinman Mar 29, 2000 11:22 AM
The free BeOS version 5 Personal Edition is currently only available for PCs running Windows or Linux.

I just downloaded the BeOS 5 (43,674K) for my PC running Windows 98. The installation took a while and a folder "BeOS" was created in the root directory of the C drive. Inside it is a 512MB "" file with some other small files. I try to boot into the BeOS many times, but I can't, both with and without using the boot floppy disk.

I think the reason may be that my hard disk is using the FAT32 file system. So, I found that the BeOS 5 PE is not that easy to use as Be made it to sound and it is probably is not that great to use either.
Tinman Mar 29, 2000 08:10 PM
I tried creating an 800MB FAT16 D drive and installed the BeOS on it. Tried booting the BeOS again, still doesn't work.

My PC has quite common components and yet it is still hard to get BeOS to work.

I recommend people to stick with the elegant of the Mac OS or the raw power of Windows 95/98, don't bother with BeOS. It is a fairly boring operating system and not many good software programs are available for it.
iMan_ca Mar 30, 2000 12:24 AM
BeOS is the best of MacOS and Windows and the worst. The worst of these features is Y I dont like it.
Tintim May 19, 2000 06:58 AM
I used to not be able to load BeOS 5 PE on my PC running Windows 98, both by loading from Windows and using the boot floppy disk.

I recently discovered ways to load it, so if you are having problems loading BeOS 5 PE, you may try these. You can boot using the boot floppy by holding down the Shift key early in the process of the computer loading from the floppy. Then select the boot partition, select continue booting and it should work. Another way is not using the boot floppy at all. Just after you turn on or restart your PC, at about the time when the computer display starting Windows, press F8 and select command prompt only. Then type in:

cd beos

and the BeOS should be loading.

Now I find that the BeOS is a robust operating system. Although the appearance is not as nice as the Mac OS and there is still very few good software programs available for it, it is a good operating system to run alongside the Mac OS or Windows. It is as easy to use as the Mac OS and it is nowhere as hard as Linux.

By the way, can anyone tell how to use the development package, especially the BeIDE program, available at to create projects and build them? It is not so easy to use and I haven't been able to find a guide on how to use it.
Tintim May 19, 2000 08:57 AM
I can use the development package I talked about in the last post now, don't worry about it everyone.
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