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simonjames Mar 29, 2000 09:42 PM
LC630 not doing millions of colours
My LC630 has recently decided that it won't display in millions of colours anymore - the highest it will do is thousands

Maybe it heard it was about to be dumped infavour of a G4?

Any help would be appreciated.
600 x 480 resolution; 36MB RAM; Ram Doubler
iMan_ca Mar 30, 2000 12:16 AM
Remove all your Preferences from the Preference folder in your system folder. Restart. After restart go to your monitor control panel and set it to millions. I am surprised, did not know that model could do millions.

If that works then it is a bad preference, if not, restore every thing back to the way it was, it is another problem.
zac4mac Mar 30, 2000 02:30 PM
I am unfamiliar with the mechanics of the 630, but if it has removable VRAM, and you USED to have millions of colors, reseat or remove/clean contacts with a pink pencil eraser/reinstall your VRAM module(s). However, according to Apple Spec Database, max VRAM is 1MB(non-removeable) and max resolution at 640X480 is 16 bit(thousands)and it is right about 99% of the time.
sine -''-..- Apr 4, 2000 12:04 AM
The Apple service manual sez it can do 16-bit at 640x480 and 8-bit at 800x600....
it also sez it has built in 1mb VRAM which is not expandable
simonjames Apr 6, 2000 06:24 PM
Thanks everyone for your help. I could have sworn that it used to do the full colour thing but now I have ordered a G4 I won't be using the 630 for much longer

thanks again

RockLord Apr 10, 2000 02:55 PM
My old Performa LC 575 developed a similar problem a couple of years ago. It would no longer do 16bit graphics, only 8bit or lower. The problem went away when I upgraded from Mac OS 7.6 to 8. You may want to try the dump the preferences fix, or reinstall appropriate video drivers.
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