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sjaptec Apr 3, 2000 11:26 AM
Quadra 650--Support for 64 MB SIMMS
When the Q 650 was introduced in late '93 using OS 7.1 there was no listing/support for 64 MB SIMMS? Does anyone know of a way to use them?

Called Apple--the service rep checked--there is no mention if will or won't work.

Brazzo Apr 14, 2000 11:24 AM
From prior experience, they work like a champ, as long as they meet the rest of the requirements for Q650 SIMMs.

My old Q650 was maxed out at around 160MB, using two 64MB SIMMs and two 16MB SIMMs...

Hope this helps...
sjaptec Apr 18, 2000 10:21 AM
If 64 MB works will 128 MB also work?

What is the max amt of memory that a Q 650 will recognize?

Is it a software limitation (as was the Hard Drive size under OS 7.1 or a hardware limitation (the number of SIMM slots, Motherboard...)?
Gregory Apr 18, 2000 08:13 PM
Interesting. I had a 650 but never heard anyone using 64MB SIMM - successfully. The 6100 could. As far as 72-pin SIMMs, has anyone even SEEN a 128MB? System 7 had a limit of 128MB of addressable memory unless VM was on. Some people were able to use a RAM DISK to overcome limit and address more than 128MB (with 512MB installed).

I had QuadDoubler, and though it isn't cost effective, and now Sonnet Presto PPC is available, but a 7500 would be better use of $$$ probably.

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