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OrbLord Aug 4, 2000 05:26 PM
Things to do with a duo280c
Well, I got my hands on an old duo280c, active matrix, 20megs of ram, ~300meg Hard drive.... I"ve always wanted to make a startrek PADD... check this out, if you want to see something kinda neat looking take apart an old powerbook, the LCD screens are made with an aluminum casing, looks like PADD to me! I've always wanted a completely aluminum case powerbook, like brushed aluminum... what do people think? Can a pseudo-PADD be made?
agerstein Aug 7, 2000 02:13 PM
You could put it on a lazy susan and then keep it in the kitchen or something.... too bad the power adaptor sticks out of the back of the machine so far.

I've thought of taking the display off and reversing it, so that when the machine is closed, the display is facing out. Mount that on a wall and you could have a Duo answering machine/x-10 machine
Jason 456 Aug 7, 2000 02:58 PM
At one time, I had a Duo 230 that was having keyboard problems (I dumped a 7-up in it). I ended up getting a Duo 280 to replace it, and I was also thinking "What can I do with the 230?'. At the time, my thought was to take a Mac SE case, and put the guts of the Duo is the SE case, to make 'The SE that Apple should have made' (faster CPU, bigger screen, lighter weight). I know that this is putting it in a LARGER case than the Duo, kind of defeating part of the idea of a notebook. But it was to be a 'conversation piece' more than a workhorse... I never did the conversion, mostly because I wasn't sure how to make the floppy and keyboard work without a lot of work or $.
Tim Michael (finboy) Aug 7, 2000 04:05 PM
I think you could probably find a struggling high school or college student that could put that Duo to good use. They're still REALLY useful to the right person.
Dave318 Aug 7, 2000 04:19 PM
Agreed. I personally use a Duo 280 nearly every day. I love the light weight and have a dock for Ethernet connection to the G3. Great little machine. Please, if you want to experiment or create art, use a Duo 230...I'm sure someone out there would LOVE to trade!
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