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Pmconaway Apr 6, 2000 01:38 PM
DVI Monitors and PowerMac 6500/250
I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to connect a DVI monitor to a Powermac 6500/250. Specifically I'm looking at the Apple Flat Panel Studio Display. Apple's specs list it as having only a DVI port. I know the new G4 with the ATI video card all have the DVI port on the card. I have found a company that makes adapter cables that might work. Also did the original Flat Panel Studio Display have the DVI port or was it standard VGA or mac video port.

Thanks for your help.
atomiks Apr 8, 2000 10:57 PM
At the very least, I *do* know that the original Studio Display (the midnight blue ones) had a VGA plug. They also used ADB to connect to the Mac for colour correction and other things.

The second generation of this screen was made to match the new Blue and White G3's colour scheme. I think by then it had a USB port to connect to your computer. I also think that it was still a VGA. But I'm pretty sure that the last incarnation, the Graphite model was the first to use the DVI.

Don't know of any vid-card makers that have a DVI-equipped Mac card.

Pmconaway Apr 9, 2000 04:58 PM
Thanks. I didn't think of that. In fact the only DVI Mac card I have found is the one that comes with the G4s but I need to have a AGP slot which of course is only in the newer machines. Thanks for the info. I didn't think about the original displays. Thanks for the info.
poutin Apr 11, 2000 09:44 PM
I believe that the ProFormance3 from <> ships with a DVI module for an extra $90.00...The ProFormance3 is on sale this month for around $200 and outperforms the RagePro 128...a new model called the ProFormance3 Plus is supposed to ship this week for $290 increasing speed about 15%...Also SGI bundles the Number9 card with DVI for Mac with their flatpanel refurbs they are (were) blowing out at use Permedia chipsets...
Hope this helps...
Adam Silver Apr 11, 2000 09:52 PM
Apple doesn't support anything other than Sawtooth G4s with the Graphite flat-panel Studio Display. If you have trouble with this display, you're out of luck.
Pmconaway Apr 11, 2000 10:41 PM
Thanks for the replies. I don't have a Flat Panel Studio Display yet. I'm looking into Flat Panel displays. I do like the SONY N50. But I wouldn't mind sticking with Apple.

Thanks for the information.

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