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ajtpolo Aug 6, 2000 02:23 PM
Battery Change in 4400(4.5V alkaline)
Okay, I am trying to help a friend with his old mac before I head off to college. I believe it to have a plethora of problems, one of which I'm sure is the clock battery is failing. First off, does anyone know of a utility that can check the battery's strength? OR do I just go in with the trusty multi-meter?

Also, This particular machines was one of the dumb ones that used that 4.5V alkaline battery - and they put it in a very difficult place to reach. Does anyone know how (or just have suggestions on how) I can replace this battery without nearly dismantling the entire machine?

Thanks for your help.

amacwizard Aug 7, 2000 11:41 AM
YES you can use a multimeter-IF you can reach it.

Unfortunately, this model is one of those that is a real pain to work on. You have to take the carrier arm off as well as the PCI adapter board and both the CD-ROM and the floppy drive off. The battery is under the CDROM.

Be careful of static and bring it to someone who knows what they are doing if you are new to this.
ajtpolo Aug 7, 2000 03:07 PM
I should be al right with all that. I've been doing this kind of stuff since I was just a tot. Heck, I've even worked on CRTs. But.... I'm just frustrated that Apple chose such an incredibly poor design for this machine. I'm used to my 7200 which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful pieces of Apple design up until the G4 minitower. I just hoped there was a better way to get at the battery that I didn't know about. Thanks.

SpinyNorman Aug 7, 2000 07:39 PM
A pain, yes, but do it once and you can field-strip this sucker AND reassemble it in about five minutes. Looks much worse than it is.
MacOS761 Aug 8, 2000 03:59 PM
Order a new battery ASAP! I needed two (for my 5200 and my Performa 630CD) recently, so I went to RadioShack - bad idea, right? It took about a month for the batteries to arrive. They work fine, but what a pain! I had other things I was doing to the computers, but I had to open them up again later for the battery replacement. Gr..

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