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MoontaMacman Apr 13, 2000 10:03 PM
reviving a 6100/66 from the dead
I just bought a "pig in a poke" 6100/66 Dos compatable Powermac from the local school where it has been unused for a couple of years and I have verified the monitor and keyboard , mouse work and last night I had the CPU working on my own 6200's monitor and keyboard but this morning it refused to fire up the monitor - it stayed in standby - when I tried it with its own monitor the same problem but after trying to reset it I got the dreaded screeching tyres and breaking glass sound - from my research this morning it sounds like a hardware problem or possibly just the battery had died - either way I cannot get into the case to check it out - it must be one of those models where Apple didn't want us inside <g> - any ideas on the problem or on how to get inside?

Ron Co

Adam Silver Apr 13, 2000 10:14 PM
The 6100 is easy to open up. All you need to do is pull the clips on the back of the machine.

My guess is that you have bad RAM.
MoontaMacman Apr 14, 2000 07:39 AM
Thanks - isn't it always the way - I was afraid to put too much pressure on those "lugs" for fear of breaking something and out it slipped - rigged up a temporary 3.6v battery with 3 rechargable NiMH batteries from my digital camera to test it out - and - it worked - all systems go - when I
measured the battery condition it barely registered ( about 0.1 volt!)
Up and flying once more:-)

Ron Co

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