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bamadhaj Apr 15, 2000 01:36 AM
IIci - what do i fill the 3 slots with ?
the IIci has 3 nubus slots (besides an accelerator ) - what else is there that there is 3 slots on the IIci ? stupid question but the IIci is better/faster than a IIsi ?

thank you .
The Wolfe Apr 15, 2000 08:34 AM
The IIci in my humble opinion, was (is) the best Macintosh Apple ever made. I have three of these machines right now, and they all work like champs.
The IIci is indeed faster than the IIsi, although the IIsi has some sound imput capabilities the IIci doesn't. You can find all kinds of older NuBus video cards to put in the expansion slots, as well as older NuBus networking cards if you ever need to use the machine as any kind of server.

-Eliott Wolfe
Winnetka, Calif
Gregory Apr 15, 2000 12:58 PM
The IIci has the bad habit of using first bank of SIMMs (400k?) for video if you don't have a video card. I found one for $5 sitting in closet.

There use to be SCSI card on NuBus. Someone had a NuBus RAM card. Ethernet of course.

If you are interested in MacII Video Card - Portrait Display Video Card - never used (thought maybe my Centris 650 could - not).

Low-end Mac is a good site with a lot of resource information.

email me if want to look at the card - I almost threw it out.
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