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Richie Daggers Crime Aug 9, 2000 10:05 AM
MP3's on an old Mac?
Hi. I have an old SE/30 that Id like to play MP3's with. Is there a utility that will play MP3's on a non PowerPC machine?
MacOS761 Aug 9, 2000 11:57 AM
Nope. Even if there was, they would skip like crazy. They don't even play well on a 75 MHz 603e. Sorry, better wait until 150 MHz machines are the throwaways.
The Godfather Aug 9, 2000 12:49 PM
Well, I had a MacSE/30 once and I used something different than MP3 to play my tunes. I used MACE 6:1 compression in 22kHz and 8 bit, mono because that's all the quality the SE/30 can handle with its sound card. They sound ok, and they are just 1 or 2MB each track!!
Evangellydonut Aug 9, 2000 02:34 PM
LOL (not at anyone, just in general.)
Here's something to consider...
I have a friend who TA'd for an EE project class (which I took last term, but in a seperate, similar project), and we used a 25Mhz 80188 CPU downclocked to 9.3Mhz or so. He (my friend) wrote the assembly code and did a CPU cycle count, and it barely had enough clock-cycles to decode an MP3. Now, throw on the UI (consist of a 32 character LCD), a keypad, RAM/ROM codes, codec/PAL stuff (including sound I/O), and HD interfact (IDE), you MIGHT get it to work at the full 25Mhz.

You can say SCSI doesn't require CPU cycles, but then the GUI and the monitor control takes WAY more CPU time than HD controller. On top of that, how many MP3 players do you suppose are written in Assembly and/or is fully optimized to have minimal overhead? none comes close!

The project had to settle with a MP3 decoder chip that works in-conjunction with the 188 chip...(and since it was the first year we had such a project, and only had 10 weeks to do entire Hardware/Software, nobody finished...IDE interface was a PAIN, last time I heard.)

Well, that's a quick explaination as to why none PPC chips can't do MP3...except maybe the fastest 68040, but that'll probably skip if you do as much as to move the mouse and click on a folder...

Oh yeah, Godfather, the project I did was to use the 188 to record/play audio at such quality. 'course we had crappy speakers and worse mics, and no HD interface, so everything's stored on of 256k DRAM! LOL It's now well into the summer, and I have yet to write the UI and get the DRAM working! DRAM interface/PAL coding is a big pain for someone who's never done it before...
Ahh, the joy of being an EE know what I mean!

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