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ajtpolo Aug 10, 2000 06:45 PM
4400 having modem problems
I'm still having trouble with an old 4400 that I'm working on for a friend. I ruled out problems with the battery, but the machine is still acting awry. I convinced my friend to buy OS 9 as he was still using 8.0. This improved many things, but now when I clean installed AOL, the computer doesn't know that the machine has a built-in modem in the com-slot on the PCI board. The thing won't even dial through PPP. I assume I must be missing some crucial piece of software (a driver for this particular modem card?) but I moved everything from the old system folder that had anything to do with the modem, internet connection, or anything similar to the new system folder. I also tried all of the restore disks that came with the machine - nothing I could use there. I checked to make sure the cad was in snugly - that checked out? so what gives?

Any thoughts or ideas. Please help me - I'm really lost on this one.

MacOS761 Aug 13, 2000 10:40 PM
I felt sorry that nobody had responed to your plea...

Anyway, the thing you probably need is called a "Modem Script". I know you said that you copied everything over, but maybe you missed the modem scripts, or they got corrupted or something. I don't know how fast or what chips the 4400's have, but I can hardly believe you're running OS 9 on it! My 5200 chokes on 8.x OS's! (It's a 75MHz) Anyway, in the Extensions folder, there is a folder called "Modem Scripts", and that's where you need to look... OS 9 probably doesn't come with scripts for the kind of modem you've got.

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