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MacOS761 Aug 13, 2000 10:47 PM
5200 won't accept cookies
This is probably the strangest computer problem I have ever seen: my 5200 will not accept some cookies. I have checked all my browser settings, so I am reasonably convinced that it is a problem with the hardware, as incredibly strange as that seems. The problem has persisted across operating systems and browsers... it makes no sense at all. I will try convincing Internet Config to let them through next, but I was hoping someone might have an idea... TIA

We're supposed to sing about piraty things!
wlonh Aug 14, 2000 12:34 AM
though not a panacea, deleting the Internet pref's will often clear up this issue and so many others...
MacOS761 Aug 16, 2000 05:22 PM
I've been offline for a few days... deleting said prefs and the Internet Config didn't help... how come I always end up with the obscure/non-upgradeable Macs with extremely obscure problems? WHY?

Why am I complaining, tho? My G4 is flawless (knock, knock), and the old ones will stay at home while I'm at college! (Bwah, hah.. oh, hi, mom...)

We're supposed to sing about piraty things!
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