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The Evener Aug 14, 2000 12:10 AM
Performa 6360 Memory Query
Hello all,

I recently acquired a Performa 6360 and I wanted to expand the memory of the machine. After conducting a little research on the machine, I have learned that the 6360 uses 168 pin DIMMs with a 2k refresh.

I'm currently in contact with someone who is selling a 168 pin DIMM 64MB module, but it has a 4k refresh rate. Nonetheless, the seller assures me it shall work in my machine. Is this true, or will the Performa 6360 simply not work with memory that uses a 4k refresh -- since I am a newbie with this machine, could a user confirm/clarify this for me?

Many thanks for your help in advance...

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[This message has been edited by The Evener (edited 08-14-2000).]
dlindsay17 Aug 14, 2000 12:23 AM
This TIL article should help you out:
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