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Richard Clark Aug 15, 2000 02:35 PM
7300/200 - Network copying files difficulites
The 7300/200 is the only machine in the pool is having the following problem:
When trying to copy files from one server to another a type 1 error occurs. If the continue box is selected the file copies without any problems. This happens copying both ways.

The server has been checked (permissions etc.) and there is nothing wrong.

The System for the 7300 has been totally rebuilt (reformat the HD as HFS+, zeroed out the drive, fresh 8.5).

Disk First Aid, Norton Utilites / Anti-Virus does not find any problems. The servers have been checked for virus too.

The Asante 100 network card has been reseated and placed in a different PCI port. All connections and hubs have been checked as well.

Here is a run down on the system:

7300/200 2 GB HD, 128 MB RAM
OS 8.5 (HFS+ Format)
Asante 100 Network Card
Virtual Memory is off
Disk Cache is 512k
External SCSI Zip
Networked with Servers and Printers

It does not make any sense that any other computer can transfer files between the two servers but the 7300 canít. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Any tips, tricks, ideas and suggestions would be greatly apprecaited. Thanks in advance for your help!!!

MacOS761 Aug 16, 2000 05:34 PM
You should probably start by deleting the AppleShare (log?) file. I don't remember where this is, but it's an invisible file. I'm posting this in hopes that someone else will remember... if that doesn't work, you likely have some kind of corruption - be it TCP/IP prefs, AppleTalk prefs, or even the System file (?). Reformatting and reinstalling the System Software would theoretically fix all of the above tho... perhaps there are some drivers or shims that the network card needs? Very strange... we have some 7300's at work, but never remember running into such a problem.

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Richard Clark Aug 17, 2000 09:25 AM
Thanks for the information and help. When the system was re-installed all preferences were fresh. The Appleshare prep file is one of the first things that is discarded when having problems. OS 8.5.1 update was tried and to no avail.

The system was running leaner and fast than it has in the past, just with the type one error occuring. HOWEVER OS 9 was installed yesterday and the problem is no more. OS 9 was tried because the system started crashing on a regular basis.

Thanks again for your help!
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