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Big Mac Mar 19, 2002 02:39 AM
QT 5 Woes on an 8600/300
I've had issues with QT ever since I installed QT 5 on my 8600/300 running Mac OS 8.6. The specific issue is that any QT movie encoded with QT 5 codecs that is over a postage stamp in resolution plays like a slide-show rather than a movie. Instead of 29 frames/second that I get in large QT 4 movies, I get around 1.5-3.0 frames/second. This is obviously a major problem. Again, older QuickTime movies play just fine; any new ones play terribly.

So, in an attempt to alleviate the problem, I purchased an IXMicro board from OWC. I have yet to install it, however, and the fact that another person had problems with it under OS 9 (rather than OS X) makes me a bit leery.

Additionally, I talked to another user and he said his machine, an 9500, plays QT 5 movies fine. I'm wondering if that's due to the fact that the 9500 didn't have on-board video but rather a PCI board, whereas my 8600 has on-board video. Or perhaps it's just something with my software installation. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue, or am I the only one?
DewD Apr 8, 2002 08:21 PM
I suspect you have some kind of system software slowdown related to QT 5.

I, too , have an 8600 running OS 8.6 but it has a PowerLogix G3/350 processor upgrade and 512 mb RAM. I have no need to use Virtual Memory with that much ram , so I don't.

I have never had a problem with QT 5 and new/old movies. I'm running QT 5.02 at full speed any size.

It just seems like you have some strange software conflict to me. The only time I ever had a severe slowdown in Apple system stuff was when I left an alias to the previous system 7.6.1 formatted Hard Drive in the Apple Menu when I upgraded to OS 8.5.

By the way , I thought IX Micro was long gone defunct . Didn't they make the Twin Turbo graphics card ? WHy that choice ????

- Dewd
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