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cwashii Jul 25, 2002 04:15 AM
Avoiding the Mac Duo Dock TICK OF DEATH!
Logic tells me that the best way to prolong the life of my Duo Dock, with its faulty-designed power supply, was to leave it UNPLUGGED until I need to use it...

But I read somewhere that the best way to prolong the life of the device was to leave it PLUGGED IN, and avoid prolonged unpluggings!


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drewman Jul 27, 2002 05:37 PM
The weak part of a DuoDock is a capacitor that is under-rated voltage wise. Capacitors have moisture in them. When they dry up they go out of their normal range and the power supply fails.

Capacitors dry up from non-use and also hot temperatures. The power supply isn't very hot in the DuoDock. I would recommend leaving it plugged in. Components of an electrical device get stressed turning them on and off, so if you leave it on all the time - less of that.

You can also get the capcitor replaced yourself or by someone else fairly easily. It is a 16v cap that is in it I believe. I replaced it with a 50v cap for a friend and he hasn't had any issues since for 4 years. Be sure to replace the cap with the same microfarad size, but you can increase the voltage and temperature rating.

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