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Keda Dec 6, 2000 12:17 PM
What Macs can use RAM from a Beige G3?
I have recently filled all 3 of my G3/266's RAM slots with 256MB PC100 RAM. Now I have the old (PC66) RAM sitting around and want to do something with it. Also, Im going to upgrade my processor, so Ill have an extra G3.

There is a Mac show/sale this weekend and I was thinking about getting an old PPC. Can any of them use this RAM?
The Wolfe Dec 6, 2000 07:32 PM
There may be a few odd Mac clones that used the PC66 10ns DRAM that the Beige G3's used, but the older Apple Mac's (75/600, 85/600, 95/600, etc) all use EDO or FPM memory, which is more expensive and slower (typically minimum 50ns).

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Misha Dec 6, 2000 09:42 PM
The beige G3 motherboard was the first Mac to use such RAM, so apart from other begie G3s, you're stuck.

Unless you can find someone with one of the ellusive PowerTower Pro G3 clones (never shipped, but the R&D units were given to employees; I know someone who has one). Likewise with the StarMax 6000.
Keda Dec 9, 2000 07:59 AM
too bad, Im going to a local MUG sale this AM. Oh well, Maybe I can find something.
shahasad Dec 12, 2000 12:11 PM
Didn't the DayStar Millenium use PC66 RAM? They were one of the last to sell the G3 clones...

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Dan Szwarc Dec 24, 2000 11:02 AM
Doesn't the G3/266 use PC66 RAM? It's not gonna run any faster with PC100 ram. You may be better off selling the PC100 to a fellow G3/G4 user (although you won't get much since new ram is so CHEAP right now).

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