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Tristrami Apr 4, 2002 09:43 AM
Best Video Card in Power Mac 6500
Any ideas how I can speed up the video for my G3-upgraded powermac 6500? The CPU and FPU ratings on Norton System Info tests are fantastic, but video rendering is slower than an original iMac. Suggestions??
Cipher13 Apr 9, 2002 06:37 AM
ATI Rage 128 Pro, 16 meg PCI.

No point getting anything faster, you won't benefit from it.

Possibly a Radeon, but I wouldn't go that far, personally.
ericdelangen Apr 10, 2002 11:19 PM
i have a 6500 too and am curious about this question, but I was under the impression that there just weren't a whole lot of video cards that would fit in a 6500 because of the way the PCI board is configured with the motherboard. If I could find an ati rage 128 would it even fit in the machine?
Walker Apr 10, 2002 11:45 PM
I installed an ATI Rage Orion card in my 6500. It worked fine except when used in conjunction with a G3 processor (I had the sonnet upgrade, but I don't think it mattered who made the processor). I had to disable the 2D acceleration otherwise my 6500 would crash like crazy.

I'm not sure if this bug was ever fixed, as I sold my 6500 last year, but it was a nasty bug.

good luck,

Tristrami Apr 11, 2002 12:36 PM
About the G3 upgrade...that IS a problem, and that would be the whole point of getting the card--to use in conjunction w/ the G3/500 upgrade. Video performance is the one thing slowing me WAAAAAY down. My two thoughts were a Mac VillageTronic card or a VooD00 3. Any more info (or old articles on the subject) would be appreciated.
Tristrami Apr 11, 2002 05:58 PM
I think this might be the answer we're looking for....

ATI faq
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